The Next Generation Sequencing Phenotyper

Rapid prioritization of variant genes based on disease/phenotype of interest


Extensive disease – gene relationship data

Powered by LifeMap's GeneCards Suite and its extensive phenotype - gene relationships annotations.

Both direct, and indirect disease - gene links

Unlike other platforms, leverages unique, extensive data from the LifeMap Integrated Knowledgebase to infer direct, as well as indirect links, between genes and diseases/phenotypes.

Powerful and easy to use

Provides valuable results without the need for complex bioinformatics expertise or tools. 

Multi-source integration

Powered by LifeMap's integrated knowledgebase, which utilizes data from more than 100 select sources.

Direct access to supporting evidence and further information

Provides annotated results with direct links to supporting evidence and further information available in the LifeMap Integrated Knowledgebase.

Proprietary and unique matching algorithm

Our algorithms utilize associations between genes and diseases/phenotypes based on shared pathways, interaction networks, paralogy relations and mutual publications.


  • Interpret next generation sequencing results
  • Identify & Prioritize genes and variants according to their relevance to diseases and phenotypes of interest
  • Explore relationships between genes and gene variants and selected diseases or phenotypes via relevant pathways, interaction networks and publications
  • Discover biomarkers for diseases

Case Studies

  • Using VarElect to identify a mutated gene potentially linked to congenital diahrrea

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